Intricate cutting in paper can make the most stunning artworks such as in Tomoko Shioyasu’s beautiful tapestries. In an interview online Shioyasu says that her main inspirations and themes are natural patterns which I can strongly relate to in my own work. Also the connection to the craft and the satisfaction of what you can create with your own hands. [1] Not only are these works incredible with their fine detail and large scale all hand cut by Shioyasu but also the works’ presence in the space and the shadows
cast, add up to what I would imagine to be quite an experience; an experience inaccordance with the more spiritual theme Shioyasu mentions in the same interview.

Tomoko Shioyasu, Vortex, 2011. Paper.

Tomoko Shioyasu, Vortex (detail), 2011. Paper.

Tomoko Shioyasu, Breathing wall, 2006. Paper, 240 × 750 cm.

Tomoko Shioyasu, Breathing wall (detail), 2006. Paper, 240 × 750 cm.

Images from
(accessed November 16, 2011).

[1] (accessed November 14, 2011)

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