Layering and carving

An interesting way of creating three dimensional objects with paper is layering lots of flat sheets and then cutting or carving it into shape. The sheets of paper can be laminated together with a glue or resin and then carved like in Danish designer Mathias Bengtsson’s new design Paper Chair. It is made from thousands of layers of paper glued together to form an intricate, yet functional piece of furniture. Bengtsson uses both hand making techniques as well as CAD drawing and high precision laser cutting to create his designs. [1] “Like so many other materials, paper is a material with a wide range of possibilities, and through this process it becomes a new and interesting object, which I hope will surprise and challenge”, says Mathias Bengtsson.[2]

Mathias Bengtsson, Paper Chair, 2010. Laser cut recycled paper, 80 x 90 x 80 cm.

Reproduced from
(accessed November 16, 2011)

Image from (accessed November 16, 2011)

Image from (accessed November 13, 2011)

Another artist using layering and cutting to realise his designs is American Scott Campbell. Laser etching intricate designs into US currency creates a sunken relief with much detail. Campbell is also a tattoo artists and the typical iconography of tattoo art is
apparent in his layered paper art works.

Scott Campbell, Skull Cube, 2010. Cut US currency, 9 x 6 x 4 inches.

Reproduced from (accessed November 14, 2011)

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